This Week’s Singles Reviewed (29/09/2012)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (29/09/2012)

Simian Mobile Disco, Alunageorge, Ellie Goulding

The latest singles reviewed by NME’s Dan Stubbs

King Krule – ‘Rock Bottom’

Archy Marshall looks like Tilda Swinton, scowls like an Angry Bird, plays a guitar that sounds like it came from Argos and sings like a youth offender. He’s also a fierce new talent, even if this single is a bit lacking in the spunk that made ‘The Noose Of Jah City’ so compelling. Instead, it has a heavy dose of self-loathing. “I’m a lost soul, never accomplished a goal”, he says, as that budget guitar jangles jarringly around him.

Simian Mobile Disco – ‘A Form of Change’

They were our friends. They promised we’d never be alone again. But then we kind of forgot about them. Sure, we read the odd Facebook status update, but it’s never really been the same since those heady, ravey days. A recent update would have read: ‘Just finished new single. Sounds like Mr Oizo farting! LOL’.

A Trak ft Juicy J & Danny Brown – ‘Piss Test’

It’s not so much a song about a ‘piss test’ as a song about taking vast quantities of drugs, including but not limited to ‘Molly’, pills, and “A blunt and a blunt and a motherfucking blunt and a blunt”. What it lacks in a responsible attitude to narcotics it makes up for in musical sparkiness, with a great, grinding bassline and manic rapping from Danny Brown.

Alunageorge – ‘Your Drums, Your Love’

Remember on the Peanuts cartoons when an adult spoke and it sounded like someone talking through a trumpet? That’s a bit like the weird computery voice singing the title line on this new track from

’90s R&B-indebted London duo AlunaGeorge. Unfortunately, it’s such a good effect it makes the human singing that follows sound a bit boring.

Ellie Goulding – ‘Anything Could Happen’

‘Anything Could Happen’? It sure could – like the union of Skrillex and Ellie Goulding, electronic music’s most unlikely power-couple. Yet despite copying her boyfriend’s haircut, it’s Grimes that Ellie has clearly been listening to in the time she’s been away. This track starts with high-pitched vocal samples but quickly reveals itself as a sort of electropop oompah number. Wot, no skronking?

Dog Is Dead – ‘Talk Throught The Night’

This Nottingham band seem to aspire to be a bit like Noah And The Whale, which, in terms of ambition, places them beneath a band who aspire to be Tom Petty: at the bottom of a totem pole of unoriginality. The track bimbles along saying nothing, doing nothing, going nowhere. “Me and my friends are going to talk through the night”, it intones. Rock’n’bloody roll! Alright!