This Week’s Singles Reviewed (13/10/12)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (13/10/12)

Everything Everything, Calvin Harris, Rebecca Ferguson

The latest singles reviewed by NME’s Tom Howard

Everything Everything – ‘Cough Cough’

Yeah… so… um… wait a second,” go Everything Everything like the shy and polite young chaps they are. But then they break into a Dirty-Projectors-crossed with-Destiny’s-Child thing that makes you wish they’d go on a two-year hiatus and make comebacks all the bloody time. Suddenly they sound like saviours of music.

Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch – ‘Sweet Nothing’

You were thinking Florence couldn’t get any more “CAN YOU HEAR ME OR SHALL I TURN THIS THING UP?” weren’t you? Well, here she is, in the vid, playing an abused wife/girlfriend who purifies her damaged soul by dressing up like a man and getting naked in an empty strip club while new best bud Calvin Harris sits there sipping whisky. It’s a million miles from her ‘and The Machine’ moments, but not even Calvin’s chirpy 18-30s holiday-pop can strip Flo of her wAaAaAaAaArBlInG.

Rebecca Ferguson – ‘Backtrack’

Rebecca Ferguson, right, has got quite good without anyone noticing. It’s clever, really, unless the piano soul of ‘Backtrack’ comes out and no-one notices that either. It’s possible she’s not after the big time, though, and would rather just sell enough records to upgrade from Tesco to Ocado than go through the process of everyone reminding her she lost to Matt Cardle (Matt Cardle!) in the 2010 X Factor final. The horror.

Fun Adults – ‘Sap Solid’

Who even are these people? Well, they’re from the countryside, which makes sense when you consider the song is named, in part, after the sticky liquid trees excrete. And frontman Declan Pleydell-Pearce’s five fave ‘acts’ are Talking Heads, J Dilla, Bonobo, Prince and Grizzly Bear, which makes sense when you consider ‘Sap Solid’ is floaty, dreamy and delicately produced. Plus, it’s super, which makes sense if you like GOOD TUNES.

Liars – ‘Brats’

And suddenly NYC/Australian trio Liars are Underworld. And good holy Christ it’s amazing, if rhythmical dirge is your thing. And if it isn’t, why isn’t it? And if you aren’t dancing, why aren’t you? Helpfully, the video to ‘Brats’ features a man with a paper bag on his head doing the kind of dancing literally anyone can do. Dancing’s not about looking good, you see, it’s about copying people in music videos and denying everything if someone ever accuses you of copying someone in a music video.

Spector – ‘Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End’

You can’t argue with the sentiment. And sure, unless you’re a barmaid, a barman, a doctor, a paramedic, a prostitute, a train driver, a stripper, a fishmonger or someone who fixes train lines, Friday nights are the best time ever. But to be fair to the much-loved and also much-despised London quintet, they only really exist for dancey dancey funtimes, don’t they?