10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (11/11/2012)

10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (11/11/2012)

Haim, Bensel & Jessie Ware, Dutch Uncles

Haim – ‘Send Me Down’

When Haim crash-landed earlier this year they made a big impression. First there was the killer debut EP. Then their debut UK gigs followed, where they proved they had arena tunes in their arsenal. In interviews they were quick to share their obsessions with Drake, their enthusiasm for R&B, and love of a dirty phrase. ‘Send Me Down’ is the second recent new track from Este, Danielle and Alana (following on from last month’s ‘Don’t Save Me’), and proves that there’s more to the LA brood than the huge Fleetwood Mac crush they clearly all have. Produced by James Ford (Arctic Monkeys, Florence) ‘Send Me Down’ has a muscular, brass-led backing that could easily be a hip-hop instrumental for the aforementioned Drizzy with the girls adding percussive handclaps and on-point scattergun melodies. Lyrically, the song lays down Haim’s rules for future all boyfriends, ordering “Now that you’re mine, do right by me, I wanna push you around.” So don’t mess, guys. It would be easy to pigeon-hole Haim as an all-American gang, like Bruce Springsteen’s nieces revving up the Chevy and tearing away from a family dinner, but there’s clearly much more to come from them. Experimental multi-faceted (and still fun) tracks like this bode well for that debut album, due for release next year.

David Renshaw


Animal Collective – ‘Crimson’

‘Centipede Hz’ did a bang-up job of alienating new fans seduced by ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion”s acid-pop, but there’s help here. ‘Crimson’ sounds like clanking chains dragged through a swamp while Avey Tare yelps to a calypso melody that’s as catchy as a sticky glove.

Matthew Horton


Eels – ‘Peach Blossom’

Approaching his 50th birthday (believe it) and having taken a couple of years off, E might have been expected to mellow out on his return. None of that. This is a stomping, swaggering rocker with love in its heart and a snarl on its lips. These Eels are still electric.

Kevin EG Perry


Earl Sweatshirt – ‘Chum’

There will come a time, soon, when everyone realises that Earl is the most talented one in Odd Future. Yeah, better than Frank. His rapping his just so slooooow, and on ‘Chum’ he marries it with a lazy piano loop while talking about his mum and his dad. It’s mature, is what it is.

Tom Howard


Bensel & Jessie Ware – ‘If You Love Me’

The Japanese teenagers that (allegedly) make up BenZel must be pleased with themselves. They say they started making music together “yesterday” but have already snared one of the voices of the year, Jessie Ware, to collaborate on this bubbling version of Brownstone’s 1990s classic slow jam. A coup.

Siân Rowe


Everything Everything – ‘Kemosabe’

Their preposterously excitable, busy and loud sound is one of the most instantly identifiable in indie at the minute. But by EE standards this is a pop stormer, veering from Jonathan’s grim declaration that //“It doesn’t matter if everyone dies”// into a jarringly lovely falsetto chorus.

Liam Cash


Dutch Uncles – ‘Fester’

Coming from the generation of bookish Manchester bands striving to throw off northern indie’s boorish image, Dutch Uncles look set to graduate top of the class. Taken from new album ‘Out Of Touch In The Wild’, ‘Fester’ represents the polishing of their crystalline pop sound. Bonging a xylophone has never sounded so brainy.

Dan Stubbs


Toro Y Moi ft Hodgy Beats – ‘So Many Details’

Toro Y Moi has remixed himself. So meta! The rework of ‘So Many Details’ bobs and spins, giving the sultry R&B tale of romantic complications some welcome OOMPH. It’s all the better for Hodgy Beats sashaying in with a soporific verse and Chaz Bundick’s decision to keep the dog barks.

Lucy Jones