This Week’s Singles Reviewed (16/02/13)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (16/02/13)

Petite Noir, San Cisco, Two Door Cinema Club

This week’s singles reviewed by NME’s Lucy Jones

Petite Noir – ‘Disappear’

Petite Noir, aka Cape Town’s Yannick Ilunga, is one of a new crop of electro-dance producers to have come out of South Africa over the last few years. The snaking ‘noir-wave’ of ‘Disappear’ has a liquid darkness akin to Spoek Mathambo’s cover of ‘She’s Lost Control’ – chilly dance-pop with a bassline that bumps your intestines like a dodgy school lunch.

Kate Nash – ‘3am’

It’s no fun being awake at three o’clock in the morning watching TV, while everyone else is asleep, worrying about a guy who you hold dear. My advice to Kate? Do anything that makes you feel better, because this frenetic, cod-Hole tune – which buzzes like a bluebottle hitting a wall again and again and again – only makes things feel worse.

San Cisco – ‘Wild Things’

Listen up, pop stars. Whistling in a single is never a good idea if you already sound cute as a calico tablecloth laden with blueberry compote and bumbling puppies. ‘Wild Things’ could do with something wild to gee it up – a dubstep breakdown, or a screamo chorus. Come on San Ciscans, take some risks. Just stop bloody whistling.

Disclosure Feat. AlunaGeorge – ‘White Noise’

This is more like it. Garage-house brothers Disclosure just put out the first great dance single of the year. Featuring just Aluna (unless that’s George singing the harmonies?), ‘White Noise’ sounds really very good right now in biting February, and so by my calculations will sound absolutely bloody brilliant around about the time you’re packing a bikini for the summer festivals.

Two Door Cinema Club – ‘Next Year’

A bit Killers! A lot Beatles! Busting with nonsensical lyrics! A tune written by an already radio-friendly Northern Irish trio who are now turning the charm on so hard they may as well walk right into the Radio 1 office and lick Fearne Cotton’s face for half an hour.

Theme Park – ‘Tonight’

If Theme Park were an actual ride at a theme park, they’d be a little unremarkable but fun all the same. Produced by Ed from Friendly Fires, this has got that giddy feel; all twirling synths, bumping bass and Miles Haughton’s cheeky promise of “getting high tonight”.