10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (17/02/2013)

10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (17/02/2013)

Suuns, Primal Scream, The Postal Service

Suuns – ‘2020’

How much music is out there that genuinely freaks you out? Really gives you the heebie-jeebies? Sends a chill of fear into your ears, down your spine and around your brain? Well, ‘2020’, the new one taken from Canadian quartet Suuns’ second album ‘Images Du Futur’, does. It begins with a deep bass wobble that sounds like the rumble of a giant’s stomach. A descending creepy-like-the-Pixies riff follows, but it’s Ben Shemie’s whispered vocals that quietly usher in the terror. He starts harmlessly enough, explaining that “What you see is what you see”, then builds painfully slowly to spitting “Did you? Did you? Did you?” into your ear like he’s grabbed you by the throat to falsely accuse you of committing a terrible crime. Panic fully sets in when the squeaky horror-film solo arrives. The overall result is four minutes that sound a bit like the last Liars album – if it had been produced by Satan. Listen to ‘2020’ walking down the road and look over your shoulder for a stalker. Listen alone in your house and be surprised when you open the bedroom door and the walls aren’t drenched in blood. When Suuns released their debut album ‘Zeroes QC’ back in 2010 it was excitingly eerie, but this ups the ante to become the soundtrack to your worst nightmares.

Tom Howard


Primal Scream – ‘2013’

Guys, it’s MARCH, come on. Anyway, the Scream Team’s comeback suggests business as usual with a redoubled attack. Bobby’s lunatic drawls about the “21st century underclass” and “teenage revolution” are backed by woo-trippy flanged guitars, mystical synth fugs and a leg-humpingly insistent, horn-toting glammy riff. Happy new year, finally.

Emily Mackay


Hurts – ‘Sandman’

Wow, Hurts actually have gone all Nine Inch Nails-y for at least four minutes of their comeback album. ‘Sandman’ whirrs and clicks like Westlife clamped into Trent Reznor-designed bionic killing machine suits.

Jamie Fullerton


Jake Bugg – ‘Slide Away’

Covering Oasis songs on an acoustic guitar is the sort of thing insufferable mouth-breathers do at house parties when they’re trying to impress drunk people. If only they were all as talented as Jake, whose finger-pickin’ version is so good that I’d sleep with him, and I’m not even that drunk yet.

Kevin EG Perry


Brooke Candy – ‘I Wanna Fuck Right Now’

Love her or just think “WTF”, this LA rapper (who appeared in Grimes’ ‘Genesis’ video) knows how to write a catchy line. Since listening to this juddering track I’ve been repeating “I wanna fuck right now, I wanna fuck right now, I wanna fuck right now” while dancing down the street. As yet I haven’t been arrested.

Siân Rowe


Loom – ‘I Get A Taste’

Dumped after Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, you’re in good company. London’s Loom are angsting about a lost lover on their new single for Hate Hate Hate Records. “When I see you around!” shouts frontman Tarik, battling a scuzzy guitar chug. “I get a taste of what I’m missing!” Don’t worry, though, he’s in a band so he’ll probably find someone else soon.

Emelie Joy


Michael Stipe Feat. Courtney Love – ‘Rio Grande’

In what can only be described as the best news of the year, Johnny Depp – a man now convinced he is an actual pirate – has put together a bunch of his celebrity mates for another collection of ballads and sea shanties. Courtney Love putting on her best Marianne Faithfull vowels to rasp about “jolly good skippers” really is something exceptional.

Dan Martin


The Postal Service – ‘A Tattered Line Of String’

An unreleased cut from the 10-year anniversary reissue of the well-loved ‘Give Up’ album by Seth Cohen (remember him?) faves The Postal Service, ‘A Tattered Line Of String’ is upbeat emo-pop in the vein of noughties indie disco classic ‘Such Great Heights’.

Dan Stubbs


Pure X – ‘Things In My Head’

In this first cut from their second album, the Texan three-piece veer away from their noise-drenched debut to focus on their songwriting. Don’t worry, the lush, spooked-out fuzz is still there, but there’s also a more structured feel in the vein of Woods or the brilliant Kurt Vile.

Jenny Stevens


Tyler, The Creator – ‘Domo 23’

Between the TV shows, merch and ALL CAPS Twitter rants it’s easy to forget Tyler, The Creator is also a rapper. ‘Domo 23’ is here to remind us that the Odd Future leader has the chops to rival his peers Earl and Frank Ocean in the talent stakes. Namechecking David Beckham and threatening One Direction with rockets, this is a frantic banger that’s his biggest moment since ‘Yonkers’.

David Renshaw