This Week’s Singles Reviewed (23/02/13)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (23/02/13)

Miles Kane, Example, Jagwar Ma

This week’s singles reviewed by NME’s Lisa Wright

Miles Kane – ‘Give Up’

The top YouTube comment under the video for this new Miles Kane single reads: “He looks and sounds like Miles Kane”. Normally this kind of banal statement would be fairly pointless, but the overwhelming vibes ‘Give Up’ gives off really are of looking and sounding like Miles Kane. It’s all about the tight trousers, sleazy riff and Monkeys-meets-Kasabian spirit. Standard.

The Child Of Lov – ‘Give Me’

The ‘secret identity’ thing is a risky business. You aim for The Stig and you end up like Wu Lyf, a broken band whose frontman posts ‘cryptic’ break-up notes online like a spurned ex. The Child Of Lov, however, realises being an enigma is fruitless if you’ve got no tunes. ‘Give Me’ is like a lo-fi OutKast – sexy, sweet and a bit dangerous. The fact he’s a skinny hipster from Holland just makes it that much more extraordinary.

Bastille – ‘Pompeii’

Aside from the juddering keyboard parts ripped directly from New Order’s ‘Temptation’, ‘Pompeii’ is a track for people who think Two Door Cinema Club have become a bit too experimental. It’s not horrible and it’ll almost certainly be big, but ask yourself this: do you really want to be one of those people?

Example – ‘Perfect Replacement’

Imagine, for a sec, that you are renowned hitmaker Elliot Gleave, aka Example. That an evil curse has wiped the last 10 years of history from your brain. That the last music you remember hearing is Limp Bizkit. That the first music you hear after Limp Bizkit is Calvin Harris. WHAT DO YOU DO? You mix them together, and somehow make it almost acceptable on ‘Perfect Replacement’.

Jagwar Ma – ‘The Throw’

This sounds like Tame Impala at the Haçienda and is the latest Aussie offering to blow my mind (and twist my melon). It’s as ravey as it is dreamily druggy, with psych-tinged vocals and blissed-out LCD Soundsystem-gone-’90s beats. It’s excellent. All hail the Wizards of Oz, etc.

Wiley Feat. Chip – ‘Reload’

Who is Chip? Why on earth would anyone call themselves Chip? I wish Wiley would get back to doing his USTREAM channel. That Ko-Lee noodles video was brilliant. This song, however, is not brilliant. This song is the distillation of an entire ‘Now That’s What I Call… Ibiza’ album in one horrible swoop. I want some chips.