This Week’s Singles Reviewed (16/03/13)

This Week's Singles Reviewed (16/03/13)

Peace, Kodaline, Frank Ocean

This week’s singles reviewed by NME’s Tom Howard

Peace – ‘Follow Baby’

The one with the My Bloody Valentine intro. The one with frontman Harry Koisser slobbering all over it with his “We’re gonna live forever baby, we’ll go deep deep deep deep“. The one that’s a noisy, romantic, magnificent mess because of all his slobbering, and one more tune in the West Madlands boys’ mountain of tunes that’s coming together quicker than a plastic waste dump in the Pacific Ocean.

The Saturdays feat. Sean Paul – ‘What About Us’

This is horrid, naturally. Loads of big blasty synths that make no sense and do nothing other than let The Saturdays squawk all over them. Sean Paul, however, is a genius. Not only does he have indisputably the best hair in the world, his singing style is so fabulous that if you stuck him on a Carphone Warehouse advert to say his own name then “feel alright” over and over, you’d have a Nokia 3610 before sunset.

Kodaline – ‘High Hopes’

Enjoying the never-ending winter? Struggling to get up in the morning because your house is freezing and your towel’s still wet because you forgot to hang it up after your last shower? Skin turning the colour of pavement because you never see the sun? DON’T WORRY. The video for Dublin quartet Kodaline’s ‘High Hopes’ will cheer you up, with its opening scene of a man trying to gas himself in a car. Gets better though, ‘cos as the song’s dramatic acoustic vibes unfold a lady saves him and they fall in love. This, chums, is what summer is gonna feel like.

Cymbals – ‘The Natural World’

Suuuuuuuuuuuuper sparkly dancefloor banger from the London quartet, that’s as far removed from that Kodaline song as you can possibly imagine. The beats are crisp and pure, the chorus is dramatic, the lyrics deal in tough love (“I don’t know enough about you/To be kind to you“), and the video features a professional dancer breaking it all down wearing various suits in various urban situations. Be like the dancer and add a bit of colour to your day by getting fully behind ‘The Natural World’.

Frank Ocean feat. Earl Sweatshirt – ‘Super Rich Kids’

You may have heard this a trillion times but it’s worth revisiting, because when lifted off Frank’s ‘Channel Orange’ album and heard in isolation it takes on the feel of a wise man explaining that just because you’re rich, it doesn’t mean anyone actually likes you. See, music what makes you clevererer. Well wicked!