10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (14/08/2013)

10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (14/08/2013)

10 tracks that haven't left the NME stereo this week, including MGMT, Kings Of Leon and London Grammar

MGMT – ‘Your Life Is A Lie’

Are you sitting down? Then listen. Mock The Week is scripted. Your diet is mostly horse. Pharmaceutical companies won’t allow you to be cured of whatever disease they say you’ve got. Social networking is merely surrendering to surveillance and advertising. TV and its resulting celebrity culture are designed to keep you distracted and uninformed. There’s no God, religion is the world’s oldest confidence scam, all wars are about money, all governments are liars and murderers and no-one will shag you for buying Apple products. Your whole life is one big, stinking falsehood – this is a fact, and MGMT have returned to try to make us do the jerky-quirk dance in celebration of it. “Open your eyes’’. Donk! “They’re not your friends”. Donk! “Try not to cry’’. Donk! Like the most melodic evil voices in your head all speaking at once while cracking the inside of your skull with a blunt mallet at the end of every line, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser pinpoint the emptiness, loneliness and futility of life in a repetitive slice of psych-fuzz gif-pop, essentially repeating the same hookline for two minutes without variation and thus treading the thin line between Devo-style cult classic and wacky curiosity. It’s a bit like your doctor inhaling helium to tell you your tumour is malignant, but it works perfectly as introduction to an album that’s both challenging and unconventionally accessible, the art-pop answer to ‘Kids’.

Mark Beaumont, writer


Los Porcos – ‘Sunshine’

Continuing their quest to break through the grey cloud Wu Lyf cast in their time, Los Porcos deliver yet more ebullient, shimmering disco. ‘Sunshine’ is total joy from start to finish, from the Nile Rodgers guitar funk to the vocals radiating fun and freedom. Let’s all move to New Pork City now.

David Renshaw, News Reporter

Babyshambles – ‘Picture Me In A Hospital’

Written not about Peter D’s persistent problems but those of bassist Drew following his road accident, this Smithsian corker is the perfect embodiment of where Babyshambles are at in 2013. Light as hell and hung on a two-second riff nabbed from Paul Heaton’s back pocket, it’s a world away from the messiness you might imagine.

Matt Wilkinson, New Music Editor


Zola Jesus – ‘Fall Back’

Nika Roza Danilova might have discovered the brighter side of life on ‘Fall Back’ but she’s not ditching her grand tendencies just yet. “I would do anything to be the one with you”, she calls over bouncing strings on the only new song on new album ‘Versions’, sounding cheerier than anyone could’ve expected.

Rhian Daly, writer


Bill Callahan – ‘Expanding Dub’

The first taste of Bill ’s forthcoming LP is a dub version of ‘Javelin Unlanding’. Here, it’s rendered as a mystic drift down the ‘Dream River’ of the album’s title, Bill’s oblique lines about death and Armageddon swooping below a surface of swimmy flutes as the conga rhythm laps at the bass. Dive right on in.

Laura Snapes, Features Editor

Wiley – ‘Comet’

‘Comet’ is just a verse and a chorus, but it’s got the potential to be a hit. Wiley’s imagining himself “flying through the sky” and seeing “the solar system at its birth”, until a vocalist called Ari brings

the grime legend down to earth with a chorus on solitude, identity and fear. Deep, man.

Lucy Jones, Deputy Editor, NME.COM

London Grammar – ‘Feelings’

London Grammar’s Hannah Reid is probably best known for singing on Disclosure’s ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’. Expect that to change when ‘Feelings’ is released and gets played everywhere in the universe. It’s like Florence Welch has packed away the bombast and brought

in a jazz band.

Andy Welch, writer

Kings of Leon – ‘Wait For Me’

The Followill clan have talked up new album ‘Mechanical Bull’ as sounding like a cross between ‘Youth & Young Manhood’ and ‘Because Of The Times’, but you wouldn’t guess it from this track. Shimmering, laid-back and downbeat, this is the growling, grown-up Kings Of Leon we’ve come to know.

Dan Stubbs, News Editor


Love Inks – ‘Outta Sight’

They are: a trio from Austin, Texas, featuring husband and wife Sherry LeBlanc and Kevin Dehan, plus guitarist Adam Linnell. This is: minimal pop riddled with a Young Marble Giants drum-and-vocal echo, pacy and grand enough to eradicate the xx comparisons that accompanied every single review of their 2011 debut album, ‘ESP’. Progress.

Tom Howard, Reviews Editor

Drake – ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’

This, from upcoming album ‘Nothing Was The Same’, finds Drake craving a romantic night in. Which, if the slick ’80s vibe on this saccharine singalong is anything to go by, would involve drinks made using SodaStreams, Space Invaders arcade games and foggy Quincy Jones beats blaring from a bedroom boombox. More of the same please.

Al Horner, writer