We Are Scientists: The Great Escape

The experiment has been a complete success

“I’ve got a great idea!” yelps Keith, who is the singer, midway through. From the evidence of this, that idea was to grow themselves into one of those angular post-punkish bands that youngsters are so fond of nowadays, but make them funkier than Ferdinand, more agitated than Bloc Party, cooler than The Bravery and almost exactly as good with a one-liner as The Futureheads.

Yes, so We Are Scientists sound like a lot of other bands around at the moment; the simple truth is they’re way better than most of them. They certainly piss all over Hot Hot Heat, who you might mistake them for if you were wearing era-muffs (although in WAS’ world of the strange, you probably already are). ‘The Great Escape’ is their second single and thumps in on what, weirdly enough, sounds like an art-rock rewrite of ‘Mono’ by Courtney Love for about five seconds before getting even weirder. Like the drummer (whose name is Michael) playing about seven times faster than anybody else. And the whole thing winding up into this screeching bit of guitar assault so astonishingly high-pitched that it makes domestic animals start humping the nearest Sky box. Yet ultimately we can’t ever hope to describe them half as fabulously as these three strange individuals describe themselves: “a three-tusked mastadon; a triple mohawk; a flight from New York to LA with three stopovers”.

Get ready to love this lot.