Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Gold Lion

Superb Americana prompts NME hacks' Dr Who fantasy

“Hello, is that Top Time Travel Tours Ltd? It’s the NME here. Do you do last minute bookings? We’d like to go back abut five weeks and drop a bomb on that editorial meeting where we declared American music officially dead? Yep, the chart was all fun, and we managed to cause a fist fight on the Late Review by saying the Arctic Monkeys were better than George Harrison. It’s just we didn’t know that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were coming back with something as preternaturally brilliant as this ‘Gold Lion’ tune. It starts off sounding like ‘We Will Rock You’ and then Karen O starts yelping like PJ Harvey with the brain of Tank Girl, and then it comes in with this big fuck-off tribal riff thing that’s made four staffers faint already. And that’s without trying to get your jellified brain around what Karen might actually be singing about: “Gold lion’s gonna tell me where the light is/Take our hands out of control” she coos, possibly talking about being driven mad by MGM’s logo or maybe referencing a time she went ‘vogueing’ during a screening of The Chronicles Of Narnia. Whatever, it’s like the best thing we’ve heard ever, but the trouble is it’s made by damn Yankees and it’s going to make us look really silly if you can’t let us go back and change the past. What’s that you say? January 2006 is all booked up? Dammit! But you can fit us in on the 1978 flight? Well, it’s an ugly business but a hack’s gotta do what a hack’s gotta do. Yeah, just drop us in Williamsburg and we’ll just take out the infant Karen and nip this whole timeline in the bud before it’s even started! And we’ll be home in time for The Cribs! Can we bring our own sniper?”