TT – ‘LoveLaws’ Review

The solo debut from Warpaint's Theresa Wayman creates comfort and intimacy in a lonely, quiet place

“I see it as a fireplace in a room,” Theresa ‘TT’ Wayman told NME about her solo debut ‘LoveLaws’. “To me, it creates an ambience and a vibe that could make a room feel complete – or cosy and inviting.”

From the skittering beats and warm ambience of opener ‘Mykki’, Warpaint‘s Wayman throws down a log and starts stoking the flames with a sound so easy to get lost in and a sentiment so open and confessional that you feel utterly at home. While she pines “when I hold you, when I kiss you / I wanna take care of you / ’till my arms can’t move you”, it kicks off an aching yearning that runs throughout every track.

While the music has been in gestation since 2010, Wayman started on the lyrics to the album around two years ago – painting a portrait of a woman and an artist “married to her job” as a touring rockstar but also the mother of a 12-year-old son, trying to find a way to direct romance into the chasm between the polar opposites of her life.

Why can’t you be next to me?” she pleads on the ghostly post-rock of ‘I’ve Been Fine’, before the Portishead trance of ‘Love Leaks’ sees her admit “I know when love leaked out the bottom of our cup… I just got too empty”. Backed by echoes of The Cure at their most experimental, ‘Safe’ suggests TT finding some romantic peace without compromise, before she gives herself away entirely in the artful trip-hop of closer ‘Too Sweet’ (“It runs in me to know we’re made of each other”).

While there’s certainly plenty here to please Warpaint fans, the album is so driven by Wayman’s personality, vivid lyricism and adventurous flair that it deserves to exist within its own realm. With its crisp production and open-hearted approach, ‘LoveLaws’ is a record not only to be listened to from start to finish, but a ‘headphones’ album if ever there was one. Confidently expressing vulnerability over woozy nocturnal soundscapes to create comfort and intimacy in a lonely, quiet place, ‘LoveLaws’ will be your fireside companion.