‘Killing Eve’ season three episode three recap: what will happen after Eve and Villanelle kiss?

**Spoilers for 'Meetings Have Biscuits' below**

We’re two episodes into Killing Eve’s third season and, so far, we’ve had no interactions between Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer). That all changes this week as The Twelve try and get ahead of MI5’s attempts to find out who really killed Kenny *sob*. Expect fireworks – and yet more blood.

Most inventive kill: Villanelle’s signature tune

As a rich woman living in a big, grand house in Andalusia, Spain, you probably wouldn’t think twice about the piano tuner turning up in dungarees with a headscarf tied in her hair. But if you saw the sharpened tuning fork she’s carrying in her pack, you would.

After checking in on fake piano expert Villanelle, the aforementioned posho who hired her makes a huge mistake – going upstairs to another keyboard and turning her back on the bloodthirsty assassin. She doesn’t even see the tuning fork that pierces her skull, but to be honest, it’s probably a better way to go than her poor nanny, who Villanelle taunts by constantly changing her aim between her and the baby she’s looking after, until she gets bored of the ruse, lets the fork fly into the carer’s own head, and takes the baby as a new plaything.

Best withering put-down: “I don’t think that a beer fridge and a beanbag breakout area gives you any great insight into global politics”


Over in London, Carolyn, Mo (Raj Bajaj), Eve and Jamie (Danny Sapani) have gathered for the first meeting of their investigation into Kenny’s death. Things don’t get off to a good start when Eve and Jamie arrive to find Carolyn soaking in the tub and Mo trying to look anywhere but at his boss, and they don’t get any better when everyone’s dressed and sat around the kitchen table. Jamie is clearly mistrusting of the MI6 team, while Carolyn can’t get her head around what the editor of an online magazine could possibly bring to the table in such a serious investigation.

After a few barbed back-and-forths, the experienced spy lets everyone know exactly what she thinks of the new media enterprise, unleashing some scathing snobbery on the editor. “I don’t think that a beer fridge and a beanbag breakout area gives you any great insight into global politics,” she retorts stony-faced, provoking Eve to break up their verbal tug-of-war and divide the tasks between the two pairs with a promise to share their findings. Looks like it could be a while before the operation is running smoothly.

Best Villanelle disguise: an officer of the law

Villanelle is back in London and up to her old tricks – wiping out whoever has pissed The Twelve off that week. Her outfit for this kill is genius – one that completely scrubs her of all suspicion. We first see the slick Russian kitted up as a police officer on a squad motorbike hovering in the distance as Mo and Carolyn stake-out Charles Kruger, an old Russian agent turned accountant for The Twelve. After they pick him up and start to drive him away from his Kensington office, she follows after them, before signalling them to pull over. Because of her disguise – and Carolyn and Mo ignoring Eve’s calls – the MI6 team don’t realise just who they’ve stopped for until it’s too late and Charles’ brains are all over the car’s rear window.

This week’s biggest question: what will happen after Eve and Villanelle’s kiss?

eve and villanelle kiss
Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri in ‘Killing Eve’ season three. Credit: BBC


Throughout Killing Eve, Villanelle has called the spy on her trail her girlfriend, dangerously obsessed with her to the point of infatuation. Whenever they meet, there’s palpable chemistry and a chance encounter on a London bus is no different – even if it does begin with Eve charging at Villanelle and slamming her against the window. From there, they brawl around the top deck, passengers scuttling away from them (but not downstairs, in true nosy Londoner fashion) as they tumble over seats and end with Villanelle pinning Eve on her back. “Smell me, Eve,” the assassin commands. “What do I smell of to you?” Eve’s reaction shocks everyone – the passengers, Villanelle, herself – as she leans up and plants a kiss on her foe’s mouth, eyes still staring wildly ahead before she pulls back and rises up fast to head-butt the stunned hit-woman.

As the killer gets off the bus and stands watching it leave, a strange expression comes over her face – one of shellshocked joy. Later, when Eve discovers a talking bear Villanelle has planted in her flat that says over and over “Admit it Eve, you wish I was here”, she doesn’t throw out the gift but lets it play on repeat, holding its heart-shaped speaker to her face. Both women clearly have power over the other in some way, but who will snap first? Will Eve be able to get Villanelle to turn on The Twelve? Or will Villanelle convince Eve to give up her hunt and live happily ever after with her?

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