‘Fargo’ season four episode eight recap: war breaks out

**Spoilers for 'The Nadir' below**

The body count has been surprisingly low in Fargo season four, but that changed last night with two violent scenes, one in a Kansas City train station and the other at the Faddas’ family home.

The doody has hit the fan, as US Marshall Dick Wickware might say, and after weeks of shambolic mob diplomacy, war has finally broken out between the Fadda family and The Cannon Limited. Here’s what happened in Fargo season 4 episode 8.

Cheery Midwestern line of the week: “Oh hats!”


This was Oraetta Mayflower’s reaction to the news that Dr. Harvard had survived eating the poisoned macaron she left him in last week’s episode. The doctors found strychnine in Harvard’s system, the police suspect foul play, and the victim will soon be conscious and able to name his assailant. Frankly, I expected more from ol’ Oraetta, who should have stuck around to make sure Harvard expired on his office floor. Instead, she looks ready to skip town, though not before she deals with Ethelrida, who gave herself away as the author of the tip-off letter by using her own handwriting (honestly, everyone this season is so incompetent…)

Classic ‘Fargo’ moment: a deranged reconciliation

I was fully expecting Gaetano or Josto to kill each other this week, but instead the pair hugged it out. Gaetano did allow himself a little vengeance, putting Josto through a table and knocking him out, but ultimately he decided to forgive his brother, being kind of impressed by Josto’s Machiavellian scheme to have him killed.

Loy was banking on Gaetano taking out Josto, but instead the Faddas are now a united front, and a pretty lethal proposition, with Josto handling strategy and Gaetano serving as his war general; his minister for violence.

Jason Schwartzman as Josto Fadda in ‘Fargo’ season four episode eight. Credit: FX

Elsewhere, we finally saw the back of Dick Wickware, Timothy Olyphant’s US marshall with a gift for poetic rhetoric. He was naive to trust Odis Weff, the real villain this season, who gunned his partner down in an attempt to cover up past dodgy dealings. In the midst of a bloody showdown between police and the duo of Zelmare Roulette and Swanee Capps, Odis then set about tying up loose ends, shooting Swanee dead but bungling his shot at Zelmare. Zelmare must know that Loy Cannon told the police she and Swanee were headed to Philadelphia by train, and is probably now off to confront him.

Zombie watch: waiting for a train

The mystery zombie returned tonight, first glimpsed in the train station by Swanee and then by Zelmare. There was a strong ‘premonition of impending death’ vibe to him in this episode. If that is the case, I don’t like the chances of the other characters he’s visited so far (Ethelrida and Lemuel).


Fargo season 4 episode 8
Karen Aldridge as Zelmare Roulette, Kelsey Asbille as Swanee Capps. Credit: FX

This week’s biggest question: who stormed the Fadda family home at the episode’s end?

It’s not that there was supposed to be any mystery about episode eight’s climax, but with so many characters floating around you could be forgiven for being a little confused by it. Earlier in the episode, one of Loy’s henchmen asked him: “What do we do now?” to which Loy answered: “Fargo”. He was referring to that gang from the titular city he gave guns to a few episodes back in exchange for their support in taking down the Faddas. It seems Loy called on them here to take out Josto and Gaetano, but in true Fargo fashion they screwed it up, Gaetano managing to down a host of attackers almost single-handed.

The clash did leave Josto and Gaetano’s mother dead however, a casualty that will surely lead to maximum retribution. So, as we get closer to the season’s close (just three episodes left), our very messy battlefield is drawn up something like this: the Faddas and their New York allies vs. The Cannon Limited and what remains of the Fargo gang (along with Zelmare and Rabbi, possibly). Gee whizz, it’s like a dozen lobsters clamouring in a boiling stove pot I tell ya!

‘Fargo’ airs Sunday nights on FX in the US, with a UK broadcast on Channel 4 expected sometime in 2021

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