‘Fear The Walking Dead’ season six episode 13 recap: like father, like son

**Spoilers for ‘J.D.' below**

John Dorie might have been killed off five episodes ago, but his long shadow is still being cast over Fear The Walking Dead. In this latest instalment, June (Jenna Elfman) learns a lot about her late husband – as do we all. Here are the biggest talking points from Fear season six, episode 13.

A new addition: John Dorie Sr. joins the group

John Dorie is alive? It’s the reaction Fear The Walking Dead was shooting for when his father, John Dorie Sr. (Keith Carradine), declared his name to June inside his truck. For those who have been paying attention however, John Dorie’s father has been referred to on numerous occasions throughout season six; including John’s letter to June and in conversation with Morgan (Lennie James) and Dakota (Zoe Colletti) before he was shot.

The likeness to John is clear. His father was also a police officer before the apocalypse, and he even sports similarly craggy facial hair and a cowboy hat. They have the same temperament too, with John Sr. having abandoned his family to protect them from his self-destructive actions (often fueled by alcohol) — much like John’s isolated retreat from June to enact his planned suicide.


The convenience of John Dorie Sr.’s arrival, shortly after his son’s death and within the same area as the other survivors, feels like another case of the show cutting corners. Yet, his inclusion does offer a compelling personal vendetta storyline against Teddy, who was previously framed by John Dorie Sr. and sent to prison for life “for the right reason”. We’re told he’s a psychopathic mortician (hence the embalming obsession) who has been spewing ‘the end is the beginning’ lines since the 1970s, aka the nuclear age. In the words of John: “He’s as crazy as a cut snake.”

Fear The Walking Dead
John Dorie Sr. (Keith Carradine). CREDIT: AMC

Back together again: Dwight and Sherry reunite

The most inane storyline this season has been Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry’s (Christine Evangelista) reunion and subsequent break-up. The main purpose behind Dwight’s transfer from the main show was to track down his wife, and since that was achieved, they’ve been relegated to the background — sharing awkward conversations and slowing the pace of the story down.

Ten episodes after their initial reunion, and they’re officially back together. Realising she’s wasting energy looking for revenge against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) after June’s emotional farewell at John’s burial site, Sherry opens up to Dwight about her change of heart.

The main problem is Dwight’s hunt for Sherry was more interesting than their subsequent reality as a couple. We haven’t seen any romantic chemistry, so at this point, Sherry’s turnaround generates an ambivalent shrug over any poignancy.

Fear The Walking Dead
Dwight and Sherry in the latest episode. CREDIT: AMC

Discussion point: what is Dwight’s endgame?

It’s easy to forget how transformative Dwight’s journey across The Walking Dead franchise has been. Previously a feared henchman for Negan, Dwight went from tortured soul to a level-headed, likeable protagonist who escaped regimented rule to chase the love of his life.

His reunion with Sherry in Fear The Walking Dead brings his arc seemingly to an end. With Dwight and Sherry’s happiness now (seemingly) secured, it begs the question whether the show will continue the franchise’s brutal reputation of destroying loved-up couples by killing them off?


Between Morgan, Dwight and Sherry, snuffing out a crossover character from the main show is something Fear The Walking Dead has yet to do. Their purpose might be tied up with the planned spin-offs and movies down the line, but for Dwight and Sherry, it feels like there’s little left to keep their existence relevant in Fear’s world. Unless, following Grace’s stillbirth, they become the new beacon of hope at the end of the apocalypse.

Dwight, played by Austin Amelio, CREDIT: AMC

This week’s biggest question: will Teddy recruit Alicia?

With Teddy’s history and persuasive powers detailed more explicitly, attention swings back to Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) who is the only survivor within his reach. She’s already shown strong resistance to his ramblings, yet with this added context, is she more vulnerable to Teddy’s distorted views than she may appear?

Having suffered both the loss of her brother and mother, Alicia has been forced into a level of independency which has inevitably made her more cut-throat. If Teddy taps beneath the surface though, could he spin Alicia into a dark, dangerous threat at his own command?

Most ominous quote: “If he’s doing now what he wanted to do before, he ain’t going to stop until we’re all dead” – John Dorie Sr. on Teddy

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