‘Killing Eve’ season three episode one recap: who killed Kenny?

**Spoilers for 'Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey' below**

After a patchy second season, Killing Eve returns to sate our appetites for debased murders, savage put-downs and terrifyingly good disguises. After being shot by Villanelle (Jodie Comer) in Rome and surviving, Eve (Sandra Oh) is trying to live a normal life back in London and put the killer out of her mind once and for all. As she learns over the course of Killing Eve season 3 episode 1, though, that’s a lot easier said than done – especially when an unexpected tragedy puts her back on the trail of evil organisation ‘The Twelve’.

Our favourite new face: Dasha (Harriet Walter)

Killing Eve Season 3
Harriet Walter as Dasha in ‘Killing Eve’ CREDIT: Sid Gentle/BBC

There are two key new faces in episode one – Bear (Turlough Convery) and Dasha (Harriet Walter). Bear works at online magazine Bitter Pill with Kenny (Sean Delaney) and is very concerned about someone stealing his Tangfastics. He is, in his own words “socially inept” and sweet, but Dasha is just a little bit more fascinating.


We first meet her at Villanelle’s wedding (don’t worry, the marriage is incredibly short-lived), when the newly betrothed assassin spots her after cutting the cake. A normal person might walk up to someone they haven’t seen for years and make polite conversation but Villanelle is no normal person. Instead, she throws herself at the ageing woman – who turns out to be Villanelle’s old mentor – and all-out chaos ensues. The sparring continues when they return to Dasha’s home later, proving this otherwise seemingly gentle old lady is more than a match for the twisted murderer.

Most meme-able moment: Eve’s post-night out shame

The sheer horror on Eve’s face when she wakes up to see Kenny standing over her is nothing short of meme gold. She’s forgotten she texted him when she was drunk the night before and is now being faced with the consequences of her wine-fuelled actions – being given a near-heart attack the second she opens her eyes. Show solidarity and use it to react to your bad decisions too!

Most inventive murder: Villanelle’s special delivery

Killing Eve season 3
Jodie Comer as Villanelle in ‘Killing Eve’. Credit: BBC

Killing Eve isn’t the kind of show that draws you in gently and episode one is no different, where the slaughtering begins almost immediately. It opens with a flashback to Moscow in 1974 and a young girl going through her gymnastics routine. When she fumbles her landing, her instructor yells at her in Russian.

Later, she stands in the dressing room sour-faced, interrupted by her boyfriend bringing her a flower to cheer her up. “You are a winner to me,” he tells her. It seems like the feeling isn’t mutual, though, because seconds later he’s having his head smashed into the bench until he’s no longer capable of giving anyone anything. For most people, caving someone’s skull in might be enough, but not for this young lady, who props his corpse up against the very same bench she used to kill him and tips an entire bag of chalk over him.


We later find out that the youthful murderer is Dasha, our new link to ‘The Twelve’. She’s now a gymnastics instructor herself and gives Villanelle a new job after they’ve trained a gaggle of children in the art of twirling, flipping, and slagging off Russia. Perhaps the gym setting inspires Villanelle to use this particular technique for herself when, with Dasha’s boast that her work is “untouchable” ringing in her ears, she gets dressed up as a delivery person and heads out to get rid of a political agitator who runs a store in Girona, Spain. Our favourite assassin might not have access to a bench and chalk, but she improvises, shaking the woman off a ladder as she tries to reach for some saffron and then chucks a sack of red spices over her in tribute to her old mentor.

This week’s big question: who killed Kenny?

Killing Eve Season 3
Sean Delaney as Kenny in ‘Killing Eve’. Credit: Sid Gentle

Poor old Kenny. He’s quit MI6, has started standing up to his mum (government agent Carolyn Martens), and thinks he’s quietly digging up dirt on ‘The Twelve’ from his new job at Bitter Pill. Good times! But then he chooses to go into the office on a weekend to continue his investigations into the shady organisation and well and truly gets his bubble burst. There he is, illicitly tucking into Bear’s Tangfastics, when everything starts to go a bit horror movie 101. The lift rattles and creaks but no one emerges from it. It does it again and the camera cuts to Eve on the train to meet Kenny for post-work pints. When she gets to his office, though, he’s nowhere to be seen, his phone left buzzing on a desk. As his friend and former colleague picks it up, his body sails past the window, crashing onto the concrete outside.

Quite obviously, Kenny doesn’t survive this brutal drop, but we never see the person responsible for his death. Could Villanelle have snuck back to London and decided to target one of Eve’s closest friends? Maybe, but at the moment she’s still under the impression that Eve died when she shot her in Rome. It would be strange if it was someone not connected to ‘The Twelve’ given what Kenny was researching in the lead up to his murder, but the question remains – who?

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