‘Killing Eve’ season three episode two recap: is Konstantin really back with The Twelve?

**Spoilers for 'Management Sucks' below**

Last week’s Killing Eve season 3 premiere reintroduced us to our unfriendly assassin in typically unhinged form, but this week Villanelle (Jodie Comer) gets a break from carrying out any flamboyant kills – not that she’s happy about it. Instead, she must show she has what it takes to be a Keeper and deal with the return of an old face bearing unexpected news.

Most meme-able moment: Villanelle’s coffee (vodka) catch-up with Dasha

Jodie Comer, Villanelle, Killing Eve season 3
Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve season 3 episode 2 Credit: Des Willie

Villanelle is settling into her new life in Spain – she’s got a beautiful, big new house to lounge around in and an implied ton of cash. The only thing she hasn’t quite secured yet is her promotion to Keeper. As Dasha (Harriet Walter) tells her at a sun-kissed coffee (or should we say vodka) meeting, she needs to prove herself a little more. Part of that is being professional and not letting herself get distracted by any of the pretty women that catch the assassin’s eye. “It’s good to have many lovers, it keeps you limber,” Dasha elucidates before shutting down Villanelle’s romantic aspirations. It’s that line, though, that gives us our most meme-able moment in episode two – Villanelle’s face contorting in a kind of embarrassed horror, like her mum’s just decided to tell her about her wild sex life back in the day.

Best Villanelle disguise: The Clown Princess of Crime


Jodie Comer, Villanelle, Killing Eve season 3
Jodie Comer as Villanelle in ‘Killing Eve’ season three. Credit: Des Willie

To prove herself to the Twelve and gain her new role as Keeper, Villanelle must show the shady organisation that she knows how to work with others. From the start, this seems like a goal she’s not going to achieve – she moans to Dasha, rolls her eyes, curls her lip. When she’s faced with Felix (Stefan Iancu), a new recruit, she’s at first unimpressed but slowly begins to bond with him over the pains of unrequited love.

Down on the Côte d’Azur, the pair team up to carry out a hit at a child’s birthday party and so they need to look the part. Enter two garish looking clowns – Villanelle in a red wig and billowing yellow dungarees, Felix’s head topped with an electric blue shag of curls. They’re equal parts intimidating and comical as they hand out balloons to the kids and, eventually, Felix sneaks inside to take out their target. His attempts end up looking pathetic, blood over his white face paint and wig ripped off as Villanelle needs to come and finish off the job (and his new career). If Felix is pitiable then his impatient mentor is a perfect example of why clowns are so terrifying to some people.

Favourite new face: Jamie (Danny Sapani)

We first meet Bitter Pill founder and editor Jamie (Danny Sapani) at Kenny’s wake, advising a tipsy Eve to ditch her retro cigarettes in favour of something more electric. The two immediately butt heads, her making the mourning room go quiet when she loudly asks him: “Are you always this much of a dick?” But soon, it becomes clear they must work together if they want to find out what exactly happened to Kenny. It’s a begrudging partnership right now, not least when the blunt, no-nonsense Jamie remarks on finding out Kenny and colleague Audrey (Ayoola Smart) were dating: “It’s good to know he was getting some before he died.”

This week’s big question – just what is Konstantin up to?

Konstantin, Killing Eve season 3
Kim Bodnia as Konstantin in Killing Eve season 3 episode 2. Credit: Des Willie


Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) is back acting like the supportive friend to Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) at her son’s wake. There, he reunites with her previously unmentioned daughter Geraldine (Gemma Whelan), who recounts an uncharacteristically sweet story about the Russian handler calming her down after she’d had a bad dream as a child. Later, the two bump into each other again on the street and he gives her a London fridge magnet he was intending to send to his own daughter. It all seems inconspicuous enough until Eve (Sandra Oh) pays Carolyn a visit and the viewers – but not those seeking justice for Kenny – are shown the magnet is bugged.

Episode three ends with Konstantin paying his old charge Villanelle a visit in Spain and revealing to her that Eve is, in fact, very much alive. After she dismisses him in shock, she asks him how he knows she’s back working for the Twelve. “I never stopped working for them,” he replies. Is he telling the truth or is he, as Villanelle retorts, “full of shit”? It won’t be long until we find out.

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