‘Killing Eve’ season three episode four recap: has Dasha turned Eve against Villanelle forever?

**Spoilers ahead for 'Still Got It'**

We’re midway through Killing Eve season three now and no closer to finding Kenny’s killer, but things are starting to get very tasty indeed. Eve (Sandra Oh) is living her best slob life on the office sofa, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is unstoppable in her quest to become a Keeper (a top rank in secret organisation of assassins The Twelve) and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) is still up to something shifty. No one is safe, even when – as ‘Still Got It’ shows – they leave the epicentre of chaos.

Best withering put-down: “You’re like a sad teenager waiting for a like on Instagram”

Danny Sapani, Sandra Oh, Killing Eve season three
Danny Sapani and Sandra Oh in ‘Killing Eve’ season three. Credit: Sid Gentle/BBC America

In episode three, Eve found out husband Niko (Owen McDonnell) had checked himself out of the clinic he was staying at during recovery from Villanelle-induced PTSD. He then decided to up sticks and go to Poland. Several countries and hundreds of miles aren’t going to stop Eve from tracking him down though, despite Niko ignoring her calls.


Jamie Hayward, the no-nonsense, blunt-speaking editor of online publication Bitter Pill (Eve’s new base of operations) is not one for pining, as you might expect, and he lets Eve know his feelings on her distracted nature. “You’re like a sad teenager waiting for a like on Instagram,” he assesses. “Don’t you know how to have fun?”

Most relatable moment: Villanelle’s cake baking disaster

We’ve all been there over the last couple of months – spying a delicious-looking cake or collection of pastries online and thinking, ‘Yes. I can recreate this. No problem.’ But the results end up burnt or deflated or – worst of all – looking like they’ve already been digested. Even psychopathic assassins have that struggle, it turns out. Villanelle might have fancier digs than most of us but her home baking doesn’t match up.

When Dasha (Harriet Walter) pops by to tell her she has to have a meeting with The Twelve to finalise her promotion, she’s been trying to make a cake covered in pink cream and cherries. “It really doesn’t look like the picture,” Dasha points out to an annoyed Villanelle, but concedes it still might taste good. A quick bite proves that’s not the case and she tells the amateur chef: “Throw it away.”

Most inventive murder: Villanelle’s coup de grass

Jodie Comer, Killing Eve season three
Jodie Comer in Killing Eve season 3 episode 4. Credit: Sid Gentle/BBC America

The wife of Charles Kruger, accountant to The Twelve, is having a torrid time of it. Her husband has just been mercilessly murdered, she seems none the wiser to his dark side, and now her trip to Lyon, France, to recuperate post-trauma is going to end prematurely – and brutally.

Unfortunately for her, Villanelle is indebted to Konstantin after he located her family and Konstantin wants the grieving widow dead. So the Russian killer is role-playing as a gardener – one who unsurprisingly finds joy in decapitating flowers instead of making them look pretty.


Within seconds of meeting Villanelle, Mrs Kruger is crying in her arms and it seems like her vulnerability will be the death of her. The murderer-turned-hedge clipper considers killing her with the garden shears in her hands but that would be far too easy (and boring). Instead, she turns the frail woman’s gleeful attempts to scare the hiccups away that have been plaguing her since her meeting with Konstantin into a sly chase to the death. Mrs Kruger is oblivious to the real motives behind their race through the grounds, even thinking Villanelle wrapping a hose around her is all part of the game. By the time she’s being throttled with it in the greenhouse, it’s far too late for her to escape and she’s left crumpled in a lifeless heap on the ground.

This week’s biggest question: has Dasha successfully turned Eve against Villanelle forever?

Owen McDonnell, Killing Eve season three
Owen McDonnell in Killing Eve season 3 episode 4 Credit: Sid Gentle/BBC America

Last week’s episode – featuring that kiss between Eve and Villanelle – upped the stakes in the relationship between the MI6 agent and the ruthless assassin. Eve might still be terrified, but Villanelle is clearly back to her infatuated peak, leaving toys in Eve’s bed and sending her bus-shaped cakes for her birthday. The Twelve aren’t happy about this, as a mysterious woman tells Dasha, asking her to drive a wedge between the pair. Villanelle’s mentor doesn’t need telling twice and embarks on a cunning plan to lure Eve out to visit Niko in Poland.

Posing as a helpless old lady looking after her friend’s farm while she’s in hospital, Dasha enlists Niko to fix a barn door and, with his stolen phone, arranges for Eve to arrive at the rural base at the same time. As a taxi pulls up with Niko’s estranged wife in it, Dasha puts the final touches to her plan – a gift tag that reads “still got it” tied to the pitchfork she’s about to spear through Niko’s throat as Eve approaches, his bloody death visible to her but Dasha’s identity hidden behind the barn wall. We don’t see Eve’s reaction to the note just yet but it’s obvious who she’ll assume is behind the killing – an assumption that could see her become reckless in her mission to avenge Kenny’s death.

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