‘Killing Eve’ season three episode six recap: will Konstantin expose Paul as a member of The Twelve?

**Spoilers for 'End Of Game' below**

Last week, Villanelle’s (Jodie Comer) trip home to Russia ended with a bang – and it seems to have affected her in a big way. This week’s chapter, Killing Eve season 3 episode 6 ‘End Of Game’, feels like we’re nearing the series’ final flourish, with the assassin losing her lust for the job and Eve (Sandra Oh) getting closer to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Shock of the week: Nico’s alive

Last time we saw Nico (Owen McDonnell), Eve’s estranged husband, he had just been pinned to a barn door by a rusty pitchfork. It seemed pretty unlikely that he would live to tell the tale, let alone tap out curse words on a robotic voice machine after having his vocal cords shredded by metal prongs. And yet, here he is, lying in a London hospital, telling his wife to “piss off forever”. You can’t really blame him – first he developed PTSD after being attacked by Villanelle, and now he’s lucky to be alive after becoming a pawn in The Twelve’s plans to get between the assassin and his former partner.

When Eve visits him, she promises she’ll get to the bottom of things and, back at the Bitter Pill office shortly after, she’s already making a lot of progress. While Jamie (Danny Sapani) and Bear (Turlough Convery) have been duped into thinking Villanelle is behind the attempted murder, Eve is connecting the dots and follows the clues to Dasha (Harriet Walter). Later, she’ll pay a flying visit to Barcelona for a surreal bowling match with the veteran Russian spy, where she’ll be warned that she can be killed “any time”.

Most meme-able moment: Villanelle goes wild for ice hockey


If you’re looking for a new GIF to drop when you’re absolutely buzzing about something, Villanelle has got you covered. She meets up with Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) at his daughter Irina’s (Yuli Lagodinsky) very sparsely attended ice hockey match and proceeds to entertain herself by thrusting wildly in the stands, incessantly blaring an air horn. It’s little wonder that, later, Irina forbids the newbie sports fan from joining her and her father’s plans to escape from The Twelve and her mum’s boring new husband, but at least her distracting celebrations should get you a few likes online.

Most inventive murder: a burned-out politician

Jodie Comer, Villanelle, Killing Eve season three
Jodie Comer as Villanelle in ‘Killing Eve’. Credit: Sid Gentle/BBC America

If you ever sit down in a make-up artist’s chair and see Villanelle looming over you, run. For her first job as a keeper, she’s asked to take out a Romanian politician. While she might have thought her promotion would mean she wouldn’t have to get her hands dirty anymore, she was wrong and she’s got a spot of murdering to do – “a big job that will cause a great stir”, according to The Twelve’s Hélèna (Camille Cottin).

After promising to make the guest in question “look amazing”, Villanelle sets him up under a hood dryer before zapping his brains out. Unfortunately for her, though, he grabs a pair of scissors and manages to stab her in the arm, leaving her to scuttle back to safety to try and sew up the wound herself.

This week’s biggest question: will Konstantin expose Paul as a member of The Twelve?


In the grand scheme of things, ’End Of Game’ is one of season three’s quieter episodes, but it’s laying tracks for big twists to come in the last two instalments. It seems like Konstantin will be involved in at least one of them, be that soapy (there’s a question over whether he was Kenny’s real father while Carolyn’s other child Geraldine has expressed some romantic interest in him) or action-filled. The Russian is already well into his plotting to leave this life behind before he gets a surprise visit from Paul (Steve Pemberton) who, it turns out, is a member of The Twelve and not an honourable agent of MI6 as he’s fooled everyone into believing.

Paul knows Bertha Kruger was murdered to cover up who was stealing from The Twelve’s accounts and orders Konstantin to find out who killed her. Given that he ordered Villanelle to off her himself, it seems unlikely he’s going to find the culprit, especially when he brings forward his plans to run away to Cuba. Before he goes, will he help Carolyn get the closure she deserves and tell her who Paul really works for? Or will he take the coward’s way out and slink off into the night?

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