TV Reviews

Eurovision 2022: Ukraine beats Sam Ryder into second at hope-filled pop bash

As expected, an outpouring of viewer support for the Ukrainian people proved decisive

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‘The Sound Of Magic’ review: sorcery and symphonies collide on this stirring, if average, fantasy K-drama

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‘Shining Girls’ review: Elisabeth Moss dazzles in a mind-bending mystery thriller

Set in a complex world where time and space move outside their normal confines

‘Ten Percent’ review: ‘Call My Agent’ remake adds British wit to Parisian charm

Sacré bleu! This droll adaptation translates much better than expected

‘Our Blues’ review: people can be unhappy in the happiest of places

With a star-studded cast and evocative stories, ‘Our Blues’ is poised to be an understated winner

‘Russian Doll’ season two review: another mind-bending trip through time

The twist? Natasha Lyonne takes us back to the '80s