XXXTentacion ft. Rico Nasty – ‘#PROUDCATOWNERREMIX’ review

The revival of this two-year-old song will have you raging all summer after this stellar Rico Nasty re-vamp.

The surprise release of ‘#PROUDCATOWNERREMIX’ has XXXTentacion fans – old and new – in a frenzy after rumours circulated last week. Originally only on Soundcloud, the new ‘#PROUDCATOWNERREMIX’ features one of the most exciting rappers right now: Rico Nasty. Late Floridian, X, demonstrates his vocal talents as he uses multiple voices, creating cocksure personas on the track. Although the remix is just an added verse from Nasty, her gravelly vocals revive the nearly two-year-old song to get you raging through the end of your summer.

The loud clashing sounds over distorted 808s create sonic hysteria. XXXTentacion’s metaphorical approach is similar to the ‘Soundcloud rap’ stereotype. Rhyming lines together that have no correlation in a fast, mumbly manner – which is a perfect summary of the whole track, really. He adds humour with his bolshy demanour when he pauses the whole track to state, “I just- I just really wanted to say all you rappers suck”.  This piss-takey approach, unlike most of his songs, create a little light around the dark connotations around his name after his domestic violence allegations in September 2017.

Rico Nasty’s punk rock flair interwined with her impeccable rapping makes her one of a kind. Her tongue-twisted delivery shows off her yet poised approach to hate, while reminding everyone of her riches: “How is you hatin’ on me from a cubicle? / I got more money than you on my cuticle”.

The Maryland native’s acclaim in the industry is widespread. After her newest project ‘Anger Management’ with long-time collaborator Kenny Beats, Rico Nasty has been praised tremendously. Even megastar rap producer, Jemaine Dupri, co-signed her.

And it’s deserving: she’s not had it easy. Moving around a lot, Rico lost the (then) love of her life around the time of her son’s birth at 18, according to her DJ Small Eyez interview in 2017. Rico Nasty reminds us that she’s overcome a lot in her opening lines: “I ain’t never asked for a handout /  But I came up, now everybody got a hand out”.

The resurrection of this oldie-but-goodie hasn’t only revived the forgotten song, but has also placed the versatile Rico Nasty in a different light. She’s not intimidated being a woman in rap because she knows she’s got the lyrical prowess to back her up: “Yes, I’m a girl, I go harder than niggas do”. She proves once again why she is one of the best rappers right now.