Yaeji – ‘EP2’ Review

In the beginning, Yaeji revelled in mystery. She told Pitchfork earlier this month that she “chose Korean because I didn’t want people to understand what I was singing about.” Early material, like ‘Noonside’ blended big house beats and the 24-year-olds’ softly spoken vocals – but for most of us, it was undecipherable.

But that mystery is part of her charm, and now, on her second full release, ‘EP 2’ – the NYC-based producer, singer and rapper is finally uncorked. Take ‘Raingurl’, for example, a pop-house banger that’ll soon dominate your Friday night seshes – in which we see her effortlessly splice her heavenly Korean and English vocals.

‘After That’ is a wonky, off-kilter electro-hit and her version of Drake’s ‘Passionfruit’ offers a new perspective on one of 2017’s best tracks. For Yaeji, it’s early days, still – but with each release we get a clearer insight into one of dance music’s most exciting prospects.

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