Yonaka – ‘Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow’ review

The Brighton quartet have always felt unstoppable and with their incendiary debut, which blends self-belief with empowerment, you’d be stupid to stand in their way

Over the course of a handful of EPs and singles, Yonaka quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Unafraid to experiment and more than happy to toy with the expected norms of being a ‘rock band’, their march towards a debut album has been brilliant, bold and urgent.

From the howling, cinematic open of ‘Bad Company’, Yonaka take everything they’ve learnt from those hectic few years and wield it like a weapon. The pulsating neon lights of ‘Rockstar’ shine bright as the band chase wildest dreams. while ‘Punch Bag’ is a snarling riot of self-believe. ‘Fired Up’ sees the band ready to take on the world. Every moment of ‘Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow’ begs for the biggest of stages. Yonaka want it all, and they’re in no mood to wait.

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There’s more to this record than excited confidence and a hunger for adventure, though. It’s not just the spotlight this gang need. It’s connection. The title track is a gentle but persistent plea to ask for help if you’re struggling with the war going on inside your mind, while ‘Creature’ promises you’re never alone, no matter how bad things seem. Time and time again, vocalist Theresa Jarvis bares her bloodied soul, finding strength in vulnerable moments and sharing it around. Across the record, messages of hope and community are wrapped around carnival celebrations.

Embracing the darkness but constantly turning towards the light, ‘Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow’ is perfect for losing yourself in the chaos of the pit or finding yourself in the quiet of your bedroom. There’s power to be found in both. Fully realised and still taking risks, Yonaka know exactly who they are. They’re one of the most exciting bands around and their debut proves why they’ve always had such an unwavering belief in themselves. Now, it’s impossible not to believe in them as well.