Young Thug – ‘So Much Fun’ review

The rapper brings a little light with his free spirited debut

After being a staple in the rap scene for eight years now, Young Thug has finally offered up his debut studio album ‘So Much Fun’. Known for his unique squeal and incomprehensible delivery, Thug’s evolution from his three-part mixtape series ‘I Came From Nothing’ to now is clear to see on an album that provides a little light for the dark times.

On the 19-track record, Thug shows us what he’s learnt over the years. On the melodic, Pi’erre Bourne-produced ‘I’m Scared’, which comes with features from 21 Savage and Doeboy, Young Thug creates a mellow vibe, whilst also managing to reinstate his authority in the streets. The trio relentlessly rap about trapping and dodging the cops but, due to their wealth, it’s at an elite level: “Runnin’ from the cops in a goddamn Rolls”.

Savage then adds comedy to the assertions with some absurd demands: “Book me for a show, I put a Glock on my rider”.

However, the more we dive into Thug’s lyrics across the album, they threaten to become monotonous, shown most forcefully on ‘Ecstasy’, where he raps a refrain that verges a little too far into ridiculous territory: “Molly, Roxies / Oxycontin / Would you believe?Ostrich“.

Alongside the absurdities, the Atlantan heavyweight does manage to bring a great deal of light-hearted fun to the record, with the upbeat likes of ‘Cartier Gucci Scarf’ and ‘I Bought Her’ looking like sure-fire hits.

The tracks hark back to Thug’s ‘Slime Season’ mixtapes, with impaling 808s and sickly vocals. On the whirlwind ‘Cartier Gucci Scarf’, thug and his signee Lil Duke come together brilliantly, both vocals accompanying each other with precision.

‘So Much Fun’ is a free-spirited record that comes with heavy doses of ridiculousness, but it’s lovably silly, and is a welcome dose of light relief.

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