The Sopranos

‘The Sopranos’ actor Robert Iler says Tony Sirico protected him on set

“I was 13 years old and I was like, ‘Oh, this kid thinks he’s gonna mouth off to me? I’ll have Tony Sirico come down’”

‘The Sopranos’ star Tony Sirico demanded a specific dialogue change, reveals creator David Chase

"He was the only one who ever asked me to have a line changed. And I did it"

‘The Sopranos’ actor Bruce MacVittie has died, aged 65

He’s also known for roles in ‘Law & Order’ and ‘Sex And The City’

Lin-Manuel Miranda recalls how James Gandolfini helped him during ‘The Sopranos’ appearance

The ‘Hamilton’ creator said he was “scared shitless” by the small role

HBO boss says ‘The Sopranos’ creator “has no interest” in revisiting series

“It’s a perfect series that I don’t think needs revisiting”

‘The Sopranos’ horse Pie-O-My dies after four-year disease

Pie-O-My was deeply beloved by Tony Soprano

‘The Sopranos’ producers were concerned about James Gandolfini “staying alive”

"Occasionally he would go on a bender or a coke binge. We had to stop production"