Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson to join ‘GB News’ as a presenter

"I’m going to be giving this remarkable, new TV channel my unvarnished views on everything"

‘Trainspotting’ author praises viral parody mocking Rishi Sunak

“'Trainspotting' parodies usually bore the shit out of me, but I quite like this one”

‘Fuck The Tories’: The Kunts launch another Christmas Number One bid

"Spreading a little Christmas misery to those who've given us such a shit year (and previous 11 years...)"

Newsreader pulled off air after “gleeful” reaction to Boris Johnson news

“I’m probably breaking some terrible due impartiality rule by giggling”

‘Duke Smoochem 3D’ takes aim at Liz Truss and “dystopian” ‘This Morning’ competition

The controversial Spin To Win competition joins Binley Mega Chippy and Keir Starmer killing an alpaca in 'Duke Smoochem 3D'

Music and entertainment world reacts to Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister

"Everything looks like Liz Truss. The next waste of everything is here"

Frankie Boyle cleared by Ofcom after joking Boris Johnson should be “dragged screaming into hell”

"I don’t want to sound like I’ve got a grudge or anything, but..."

Joe Lycett mocks Nadine Dorries in fake resignation letter to Boris Johnson

“I am very grateful for many things you have done for me, but I believe you have not purchased the correct bottle opener”

Kenneth Branagh won’t reshoot scenes in Boris Johnson drama following resignation

‘This England’ is set to be released later this year