One in three musicians are still earning nothing after COVID restrictions were lifted

UK charity Help Musicians also says 83 per cent of artists have been unable to find regular work

Brexit: UK musicians will be able to tour in Spain visa-free after deal achieved

Issues previously highlighted by figures from the music industry, including prohibitive costs and cabotage, still remain though

Independent artists and labels say Brexit has had “outrageous” impact in shipping music and merch to and from Europe

Many UK acts and labels now find it "kind of untenable to ship records to Europe"

Music organisations pen joint letter to government on “misleading” Brexit touring claims

"This announcement has done nothing to correct the misleading information from August"

Festival of Brexit rebrands as Unboxed and details 2022 event

The £120m project will feature such attractions as a sculpture trail of the solar system and a decommissioned offshore platform from the North Sea

UK government accused of more “spin and misinformation” and no progress over Brexit touring mess

"It’s a poisoned chalice, and they’ve presented it like a glass of champagne"

Friendly Fires criticise the Tories for using ‘Blue Cassette’ during Boris Johnson’s speech

"If we’d have intended them to use it, we’d have named the track ‘Blue Bunch of Corrupt Wankers’"

Many artists can’t afford to tour Spain as Brexit touring fiasco rolls on

"It would be such a shame to just have to erase Spain from the touring circuit for UK acts"

Brexit: Carry On Touring share open letter to government as “rebuttal” of visa-free touring claim

The letter hits out at the "mountains of red tape" now needed for UK artists to tour in the EU