Brexit: Carry On Touring share open letter to government as “rebuttal” of visa-free touring claim

The letter hits out at the "mountains of red tape" now needed for UK artists to tour in the EU

Bruce Dickinson hits back at critics of his Brexit touring stance

"People are deliberately choosing to misunderstand the position I was taking"

Industry hit back at Rishi Sunak’s defence of government’s approach to music, Brexit, clubs and venues

The government have been accused of "gaslighting" UK artists over Brexit touring claims, allowing nightclubs to "fall through the gaps" and not doing enough for venues – so we asked the Chancellor about it

Elton John criticises government’s latest post-Brexit touring announcement: “A rehash of what we already know”

Yesterday, the Department of Culture, Media & Sport said "short-term" visa-free travel without work permits will be allowed for musicians and performers in 19 EU countries

Government accused of “spin” and “meaningless posturing” for latest Brexit touring claims

The government had presented it as good news that UK artists were able to tour without visas in 19 EU member states – but that's not the full picture

Visa-free touring granted for UK artists in 19 EU countries – while industry demands “honesty” from government

Music industry critics meanwhile, argue that the government have "failed to fix the real issue"

Elton John vows to help new artists tour Europe despite “disastrous” Brexit deal

"We need to act now to save the music industry and support future talent"

Brexit negotiator hits back at Elton John before being accused of “hanging music industry out to dry”

The government was today accused of "sacrificing a £6billion sector and its workers for Brexit and anti-free movement zealotry"

Elton John calls UK ministers “philistines” over Brexit touring fiasco

"To young people just starting a career, it’s crucifying"

Yard Act’s James Smith on post-Brexit touring: “It’s the smaller, independent musicians who suffer”

“Brexit has no benefits at all for musicians. If it did, we would have been told what they are by now. There would be some form or progress, but there hasn’t been a shred"