Elton John vows to help new artists tour Europe despite “disastrous” Brexit deal

"We need to act now to save the music industry and support future talent"

Brexit negotiator hits back at Elton John before being accused of “hanging music industry out to dry”

The government was today accused of "sacrificing a £6billion sector and its workers for Brexit and anti-free movement zealotry"

Elton John calls UK ministers “philistines” over Brexit touring fiasco

"To young people just starting a career, it’s crucifying"

Yard Act’s James Smith on post-Brexit touring: “It’s the smaller, independent musicians who suffer”

“Brexit has no benefits at all for musicians. If it did, we would have been told what they are by now. There would be some form or progress, but there hasn’t been a shred"

Over 200 artists come together for #LetTheMusicMove Brexit touring campaign

"The UK Government has to take this issue seriously and support touring artists. The future of British music is at stake"

Kelly Lee Owens says post-Brexit touring mess is “doing serious damage to individuals”

"This has badly affected me financially and made me emotionally and mentally say, ‘I can’t do this’," the electro pioneer tells NME about how Brexit pushed her to pull her EU tour

Voters call on government to solve Brexit touring mess as campaigners vow: “Our anger is not going away”

"It’s impossible for any of us to predict when any of this is going to be over, but it needs to be as soon as possible"

Kelly Lee Owens cancels her 2021 European tour, citing COVID, Brexit and anxiety

"I don't cancel things lightly, but I have to look after myself"

Musicians hit back at Oliver Dowden’s “utterly pathetic” boast of Brexit touring breakthrough

The culture secretary announced that "an ambitious approach" to negotiations has resulted in artists now being able to tour Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

Government criticised for inaction and told “words won’t save careers” in “critical” Brexit touring fiasco

"The reality is that five months after the deal was struck, the music industry is no further forward"