Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect claims YouTube Gaming doesn’t “support us one bit”

"Such a phony industry I'm in," said the streamer, who resolved a legal dispute with Twitch earlier in the year

Dr Disrespect teases upcoming album and previews “rough” first track

The streamer played a "rough" version of an unreleased track for fans

Dr Disrespect defends his game studio’s decision to sell early access NFTs

The streamer also revealed that the studio's upcoming game is "codenamed Project Moon"

Dr Disrespect’s game studio is selling early access “Founders Pass” NFTs

The studio hasn't actually announced the game that buyers will get early access to

Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society is teasing a game through hidden clues

It suggests that those who reach the end may gain early access

Dr Disrespect thinks ‘Warzone”s new anti-cheat is a “PR play”

The anti-cheat software will feature server-side tools that will monitor analytics to identify cheating