First On

Roscoe Roscoe: Searing hot neo-psychedelic rock from Hackney

Here's the first word on the Hackney's Roscoe Roscoe, whose Slow Dance debut is a compelling introduction

FRITZ: Sticky-sweet grunge-pop turning teenage boredom into a rallying cry

Here's the first word on the Newcastle's (no, the other one) FRITZ, whose GarageBand recordings are resonating worldwide

Yard Act: Brutally hilarious No Wave-tinged bangers embracing political divides

The Leeds gang's first two singles are groovy, hardened and confront political divides with a knowing smirk

Phoebe Green: Empowering pop that both bares the soul and takes the piss

Meet the Manchester-based artist who's teamed up with The Big Moon’s Juliette Jackson for her towering new single