Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival 2 pre-sale tickets sell out as founder Billy McFarland promises cheese sandwiches galore

The first 100 pre-sale tickets priced at $499 were released earlier this week

Pre-sale tickets to Fyre Fest 2 sell out – despite having no line-up or location

But founder Billy McFarland has promised that he'll be making cheese sandwiches

Tickets to Fyre Festival 2 are on sale now

The first 100 tickets were released and retail for $499

Billy McFarland has secured funding for Fyre Fest 2.0 and a Broadway musical

He also claims that his backers are paying off the debt from the first edition of the festival

Fyre Festival II “is finally happening”, says Billy McFarland

McFarland was released from prison last year after pleading guilty to multiple counts of fraud

Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland launches new Bahamas treasure hunt venture

The so-called 'PYRT' event will be the subjected of an upcoming documentary titled 'After the Fyre'

Billy McFarland reveals plan to pay $26million in restitution to Fyre Festival victims

The controversial entrepreneur says he’d “like to do something tech-based” to generate profit

Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland gets early release from prison

He was serving a six-year sentence after pleading guilty to multiple counts of fraud