Nintendo emulator Dolphin is coming to Steam this year

The emulator can run GameCube and Wii games

Electronic duo Autechre claim they nearly scored ‘Metroid Prime’

Before Nintendo eventually went in a different direction

A ‘Metroid Prime’ Switch remaster will reportedly launch this year

Ports of '2' and '3' are also reportedly "pretty much done"

Shigeru Miyamoto was against ‘Wind Waker”s art style at first

Some fans were also opposed to the style when 'Wind Waker' was first revealed

Reggie Fils-Aimé says Nintendo should “leverage” GameCube and Wii titles on Switch

The ex-Nintendo President sees the value in bringing games from these older consoles forward

‘Metroid Prime’ began as a gene-stealing title with three protagonists

Nintendo also apparently misunderstood what a bounty hunter was

‘Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’ successfully reversed-engineered by fan-group

This could lead to others making a PC port or even mods

Microsoft shares letter from when it tried to buy Nintendo

Microtendo... Ninsoft... yeah this just wouldn't have worked