The full lineup of Blizzcon 2021 including ‘Overwatch 2’ has been announced

Blizzard’s digital only 2021 Blizzcon event this year will feature a plethora of games, and the full lineup has been announced, including ‘Overwatch 2’ and ‘Diablo 4’

‘The Last Of Us’ TV show finally has its lead cast members

Based on the first game, ‘The Last Of Us’ TV show from HBO has its first major players in the form of the lead characters, Joel and Ellie

‘Destruction AllStars’ on PS5 has at least a year of support planned

Originally intended as a full-priced launch title for the PlayStation 5 back in November 2020, Lucid Games and Sony delayed ‘Destruction AllStars’ to give it more polish, and have just released it instead as a PlayStation Plus free game. Thankfully, it’s been confirmed in an interview that a year

‘Borderlands’ studio acquired by Embracer, but 2K is still involved

Gearbox Software, the studio behind ‘Borderlands’ and a few other titles has a long history of working with 2K games, but the studio has been acquired by the Embracer Group, while 2K remains a partner on ‘Borderlands’. This is a bit of a confusing one...

EA’s most successful ‘Star Wars’ game is not the one you might think

An EA earnings call has revealed sales figures for the company’s ‘Star Wars’ titles. The most successful ‘Star Wars’ game to date is certainly one that you won’t be expecting

Classic ‘Fortnite’ cosmetics make surprise return to game

Classic Pickaxe and skins will be returning to ‘Fortnite’ for the Next Gen Launch

‘Katana Zero’ and more coming to Game Pass this month

Microsoft has revealed which titles will be coming to Game Pass for PC, Console, and Android for the remainder of October, and it’s indie heaven

‘Axiom Verge 2’ delayed into 2021

The Nintendo Switch exclusive ‘MetroidVania’ that’s a homage to ‘Metroid Prime’ is no longer hitting this year, and the developer has explained why

The creator of ‘Detroit: Become Human’ thinks Xbox may have problems

David Cage has raised concerns about the Xbox Series S in an interview with about the lower end console holding back the Xbox Series X

Sony reveals details on PS5 backwards compatibility and save games

Sony has been a bit quiet recently on the PS5, letting Xbox have the limelight, but we’ve finally got info on how old games and saves will work on PS5