‘Starfield’ community patch arrives with promise to “never” be a paid mod

"Trusted content creators" will work on the project

‘Starfield’ modder replaces all ships with Thomas The Tank Engine

This is something of a full circle moment for the modder

‘Skyblivion’ developer will keep working, despite news of ‘Oblivion’ remaster

The rumoured remaster is "good news for everyone", said the lead developer

Nexus Mods faces “threats of violence” after banning ‘Starfield’ pronouns mod

Players have the choice of "he/him", "she/hers" and "they/them"

Official ‘Starfield’ mod tools will be released in 2024

Bethesda has been keen to support custom creations in its previous games too

‘Starfield’ DLSS mod sparks controversy over paid modding

The debate is reminiscent of the 'Skyrim' paid mods debacle