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Deb Never: “There’s so much talent and a sick sound in London – it’s inspiring”

Endorsed by The 1975, Slowthai, Brockhampton and many, many more, the LA-via-Pacific Northwest artist talks about working in London, her new EP and why every artist around is clamouring to work with her

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Yard Act: “‘Fixer Upper’ was kind of a joke that got out of hand”

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The Grantham native on her Matty Healy collaboration and exploring life's big changes on her forthcoming EP

Orla Gartland: “The stigma of YouTubers not being real musicians is a dated concept”

With her debut album, former YouTuber-turned-musician Orla Gartland embraces and deconstructs her fight to be taken seriously as a pop star

Binki: “My goal is always to try and make something that’s subversive”

Meet Binki, whose indie-disco anthem in-the-making 'Clay Pigeon' was inspired by the wisdom of Confucius and the failings of David Bowie

Nonô: Brazilian pop hero in the pursuit of musical freedom

The vibrant rising star explains how a move to London – and a viral Gorillaz cover – unleashed her borderless artistic spirit

Enny: “People don’t really know how black women live in the UK – I want to tell that story”

Having established herself as one of the UK's breakout stars, Enny's new EP seeks to provide a voice to those whose stories are seldom heard

Inhaler: “You get into a band so you don’t have to grow up”

The Dubliners ought to have released their stonking debut album last year but a pandemic-induced pause gave new meaning to 'It Won't Always Be Like This'