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Cola Boyy: California disco dude wants you to fight for your rights (and party)

On debut album 'Prosthetic Boombox', Cola Boyy sends a powerful message to the "poor, working class, disabled people" that society leaves behind

BERWYN: Romford underdog’s soul-baring rap is helping those in need

On his new mixtape, BERWYN embraces the struggles he's overcome on his journey to becoming one of the UK's hottest rap prospects

Drug Store Romeos: Fleet trio’s ethereal space-pop combats suburban tedium

Fleet’s finest manufactured a sound that transcends their small-town roots to launch dreamy debut album ‘The World Within Our Bedrooms’ into the cosmos

Griff: meet Britain’s next great pop star

Griff’s superb new EP ‘One Foot In Front Of The Other’ is a giant leap forward for the rising Hertfordshire-based talent

Greentea Peng: hallucinogenic blend of soul, dub and the vibes of the natural world

Tuned into the natural world and with an aura that few artists can carry, Greentea Peng's 'MAN MADE' is a one-of-a-kind debut album

PACKS: lo-fi slacker rock that confronts an unpredictable world

On their debut album 'Take The Cake', Canadian artist PACKS embraces her gnarly recording process to continuously rip things up and start again

Elkka: euphoric electronica to soundtrack mid-rave hugs with mates

Her new EP 'Euphoric Melodies' acts as a glorious reminder of the power of connection with loved ones through the prism of the dancefloor

Kojaque: Dublin indie hip-hop hero finds beauty in the anger

On his debut album, Dublin's Kojaque tackles his city's contemporary social challenges through the prism of a New Year's Eve night out

Alfie Templeman: genre-busting bangers for brighter days

The 18-year-old artist’s dazzlingly optimistic mini-album draws on a renewed sense of hope for not just himself, but the world at large

Audrey Nuna: modern R&B’s new visionary cooking up a storm

New Jersey singer and songwriter Audrey Nuna's upcoming debut EP offers an array of sounds and delights to feast on