Nintendo 64

‘GoldenEye 007’ remake reportedly “in limbo” due to Ukraine war

Development of the long-rumoured remake seems to have halted

Nintendo says it has increased security following 2020 “gigaleak”

An unprecedented amount of confidential game data was leaked online in 2020 and Nintendo has finally responded

More achievements for ‘GoldenEye 007’ port have been spotted

Rare's lead engineer has been unlocking achievements for the unannounced port

A new emulator plugin is bringing 60fps and more to Nintendo 64 games

Developer Darío is creating a plugin that'll work for several Nintendo 64 games

A ‘Portal’ Nintendo 64 demake can be played by fans right now

Valve's 2007 classic never looked so, polygonal

‘The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time’ PC port can now be played at 60FPS

The new update also includes a range of accessibility options

‘Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards’ is coming to Nintendo Switch Online this month

Nintendo Switch Online plus Expansion Pack owners will be able to download it by the end of the month

Studio behind new ‘Perfect Dark’ game says Crystal Dynamics is still co-developing

After the announcement that Embracer Group would be acquiring three of Square Enix’s studios for a pretty low cost of £240million, one of the questions that came up very quickly was, what does this mean for the next ‘Perfect Dark’ game?

Watch game footage of a fan-developed ‘Metroid 64’

It's been inspired by 'The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time'