Nintendo Switch

‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ in ‘FIFA 22’ will still have loot boxes

But there will be preview packs as trialled in FIFA 21

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Far from ultimate and really rather clumsy at times

‘Pokémon Unite’ reaches 9 million downloads

Players will get 2000 Aeos tickets in celebration

Interactive battle royal movie ‘Bloodshore’ has been revealed

Dive into a deadly battle royale on The Island

Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth audio support

People seem to swing from left to right on things the Nintendo Switch needs. There’s a contingent that love it being a simple device pretty much just for games, but there’s the other end of things where people would really like to use their Bluetooth wireless headphones to play games, and now, a firmware update has finally enabled this.

‘Star Wars: Hunters’ gets a new cinematic trailer

A new ‘Star Wars: Hunters’ trailer has been revealed

Development wraps on Square-Enix’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ game

Come for the game, stay for the telepathic Russian space dog

‘Sonic Colours: Ultimate’ patch on Switch fixes potential seizure issues

The patch also addresses a number of other bugs and glitches criticised by Switch owners