“The one for fans of the full-throated sing-along”

When: 13-14 June 2020

Where: Heaton Park, Manchester

Who’s headlining: TBC.

Who else is playing: TBC

Tickets: £119.50, weekend ticket

It’s definitely not just going to be a hundred thousand or so Mancs bawling along to Liam Gallagher doing ‘Rock’n’Roll Star’, is it? Nope.

Phew. Look, even if, by some inconceivably unlikely happenstance, the place is over-run with surly parka monkeys, there’s plenty of room for escape. This line-up is one of the most finger-on-the-pulse of the year, so there’ll be plenty of rising grime, wonky indie funk and stuff with autocorrect-unfriendly names to go and discover.

You mean Camelphat, Haai, Detlef and Not3s? Not to mention Sasasas, IAMDDB and OikoikoikyaHOOOO.

How many of those did you just make up? One. Anybody want to book them?