Blizzard will finally show ‘Overwatch 2’ gameplay next week

After the departure of the lead designer of ‘Overwatch’ Jeff Kaplan, who was also the Vice President of the developer Blizzard, people may have been rightly concerned about the sequel to the game. With no release date and very little shown outside of the pre-rendered scenes revealed so far, concerns would be understandable, but that’s about to change as Blizzard are going to showcase gameplay next week.

‘Resident Evil Village’ has already shipped over 3 million units

Launching to critical acclaim and as one of the biggest games of the year so far, it should come as no surprise that ‘Resident Evil Village’ has sold well, but it seems the game has done ever better than people thought.

‘Skull & Bones’ has been delayed yet again

Announced four years ago during E3 2017, the pirate simulator ‘Skull & Bones’ has been delayed again, less than a year after it was last pushed back due to needing a lot more work done on it. Now, it appears it’s coming in 2022.