Rock In Rio Festival

Rock In Rio headliner Katy Perry

Rock In Rio

When: 23-30 June

Where: Bela Vista Park, Lisbon

Who’s headlining: Muse, The Killers, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry

Who else is playing: Bastille, Haim, Jessie J, The Chemical Brothers, Demi Lovato

Tickets: €117 per weekend ticket

Whoop! We are flying down to Rio! At the Copa! Copacabana… Sorry, put that gigantic peacock headdress away, we’re not going to Rio.

But I distinctly heard you say we’re going to Rock In Rio. So let’s rock! In Rio! Y’see, the mistake you’ve made there is assuming that Rock In Rio only ever happens in Rio. They hold them in Vegas, Madrid and Lisbon now as well.

Yay! We’re going to Vegas! Nope. This year’s event is in Lisbon.

That’s brilliant, yet I feel mildly disappointed. Don’t. Think of the budget flights. And anyway, the charm of Rock In Rio, wherever it is, is that it plays out over two weekends. So this year we’ve got Muse and Bruno Mars headlining one weekend, then a full week to hang out in Lisbon before The Killers and Katy Perry wrap it up.

That’s amazing! But imagine how much more amazing it would’ve been in actual Rio… Alright, alright, we’ll go to Rio next year.