South Park

South Park to tackle coronavirus pandemic in new hour-long special

And Cartman is determined to not return to school.

New ‘South Park’ movies could be on the way from Trey Parker and Matt Stone

A full length feature film of the animated adult series was previously released in 1999

HBO Max excludes five ‘South Park’ episodes due to Prophet Muhammad depictions

The controversial episodes go against a widespread Islamic belief that forbids depictions of the religious leader

New ‘South Park’ episode accused of transphobia

South Park have been accused of transphobia over a new episode of the show. The seventh episode of the show's current 23rd series was based...

‘South Park’ continue to mock China (and Harvey Weinstein) in new episode

South Park have taken another pop at China in a new episode. It follows recent episode Band In China, which resulted in the show being...

Zedd claims he was “permanently banned” from China after liking a ‘South Park’ tweet

EDM DJ and producer Zedd has claimed that he’s been "permanently banned" from China for recently liking a post from South Park’s official Twitter...

‘South Park’ to take aim at anti-vaxxer movement in upcoming 300th episode

South Park's 300th episode is set to air tonight – and they're taking aim at the anti-vaxxer movement. The milestone episode will reportedly see Cartman...

‘South Park’ writers issue mock apology after controversial episode is banned in China

The writers of South Park have jokingly apologised after a new episode called 'Band In China' led the show to be banned in China. The...

‘South Park’ hilariously pays tribute to ‘Monty Python’ on the show’s 50th anniversary

South Park has paid tribute to Monty Python's Flying Circus as the iconic British comedy sketch show celebrates its 50th anniversary. READ MORE: The...