South Park

‘South Park’ mocks Matt Damon’s cryptocurrency advert in new season premiere

“What does Matt Damon say in the Bitcoin commercial? 'Fortune favours the brave!'”

‘South Park’ enlist full orchestra for new version of ‘Kyle’s Mom’

"We thought it would be fun to celebrate the music of 'South Park'. This is just the beginning"

Listen to an orchestral reworking of ‘South Park’’s ‘Gay Fish’

The song was originally sung by a character named Kanye West

Release date announced for season 25 of ‘South Park’

It will be the first full season of the show in three years

Watch Stan and Kyle as adults in ‘South Park: Post COVID’ trailer

The made-for-TV film will be released November 25

Watch the first teaser for ‘South Park: Post Covid’

The first made-for-TV film will be released November 25

Two new ‘South Park’ movies set to arrive before the end of 2021

They're the first of 14 new films based on the show that will be produced for Paramount+