Spotify reportedly launching new “Supremium” tier with more features

The new feature will reportedly come at a higher price for users

Spotify to offer 15 free hours of audiobook streaming per month

The feature is available in the UK now and will be rolled out in the US later this year

Spotify will not ban music made by AI, says boss Daniel Ek

Ek said regulating the use of the tech in the industry is "going to be tricky"

Spotify launches tool for artists to pay to feature on home screen

Artists can now pay to have their music appear as a mobile banner on the homepage

Spotify denies “30-second trick” can make artists rich

"That's not quite how our royalty system works"

Swedish gang members reportedly using Spotify to launder money

Gang members convert dirty money into Bitcoin, which they then use to acquire fake streams for artists with gang associations

New Guns ‘N’ Roses single ‘Perhaps’ reportedly coming next week

The band were heard sound-checking the previously-unreleased track earlier this year

Spotify increases subscription prices in UK and US for the first time

Premium subscribers will now have to pay an additional £1 each month

Grimes thinks Spotify should have a section for AI music

She also said she believes copyright "sucks": "I don't think art belongs to anyone"