Star Wars

Mark Hamill shared his real phone number in ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’

"Finally, Harrison read my number and said, 'Happy now, you big baby?'"

Disney delays release of ‘Mulan’, the next ‘Star Wars’ trilogy and ‘Avatar’ sequels

The decision has been made due to the continuing severity of the coronavirus pandemic

Post-lockdown cinema looks a lot like the Galactic Senate from ‘Star Wars’

The Galactic Senate was a big part of the prequel trilogy

Donald Glover could reprise his ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ role as Lando Calrissian

Glover played the role of a younger version of Lando Calrissian

John Boyega tells fan he’s “moved on” from ‘Star Wars’

The actor played Finn in three movies in the franchise

Alden Ehrenreich on the chances of a ‘Solo’ sequel

"I think our movie was kind of the last of the conventional-era Star Wars movie release time"

Disney+ announces new ‘Star Wars’ animated series ‘The Bad Batch’

The new show acts as a spin-off of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

Brie Larson reveals she once auditioned for ‘Star Wars’

The 'Captain Marvel' star also tried out for multiple other iconic movies

Disney scraps plans to release new 4K version of ‘Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back’

The ultra-HD version of the film was meant to be shown in UK cinemas as they reopen for business