Summer Of Games 2022

Shiro Unlimited has announced two new titles

Shiro Unlimited has revealed the first two titles it will be publishing, in the form of 'Abyssals' and 'Decarnation'

‘System Shock’ remake has a very promising new trailer

The game still doesn't have a set release date

‘Dune: Spice Wars’ is getting multiplayer this month

Multiplayer is scheduled to arrive in 'Dune: Spice Wars' over the coming weeks

11 Bit Studios reveals new game ‘The Alters’

11 Bit Studios, the creator behind 'Frostpunk' and 'This War of Mine' has revealed new game, 'The Alters' at The PC Gaming Show

‘Deceive Inc.’ is a spy game about competing with your co-workers

"Deceive, ambush, extract" is the aim of this game - but your boss isn't counting on you to do the job

Klei reveals ‘Rotwood’ with in-game footage teaser trailer

Klei Entertainment's newest game 'Rotwood' received a first-look at some in-game footage for The PC Gaming Show 2022

‘Tactical Breach Wizards’ introduces new character with a chaotic trailer

"How good are you at dodging ghost cars filled with angry skeletons?"

‘Starfield’ brings Bethesda’s “most flexible character creation yet”

'Starfield' received an in-depth gameplay trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, which also saw outpost and spaceship crafting

‘Persona 5’ is coming to PC and Xbox Game Pass this year

'Persona 5' will launch for Xbox and PC in October 2022, while 'Persona 3' and '4' are "coming soon"