Summer Of Games 2022

‘Starfield’ will allow players to visit and explore over 1000 planets

Bethesda teased extensive new 'Starfield' footage that highlighted aspects of the sci-fi game's exploration, role-playing elements and ship customisation

Hideo Kojima is collaborating with Xbox Game Studios for his next game

There is no announcement of what the game will be so far

‘Diablo 4’ reveals final playable class in new trailer

The latest 'Diablo 4' footage included details on cross-play, multiplayer, and an open-world campaign

‘Grounded’ finally leaves early access in September 2022

September 2022 will see Obsidian’s ‘Grounded’ releasing in full with its 1.0 update after over two years in early access

Narrative adventure ‘As Dusk Falls’ is launching in July

'As Dusk Falls' received more footage during the Xbox & Bethesda showcase as well as a July 19 release date

Mojang takes ‘Minecraft’ to the strategy realm with ‘Minecraft Legends’

'Minecraft Legends' will be a real-time strategy game where players must save the world from an invasion of Piglins

‘Forza Horizon 5’ has a ‘Hot Wheels’ expansion coming in July

The new add-on transfers the model kits to 'Forza'

‘Overwatch 2’ launches as free-to-play in October 2022

'Overwatch 2' will be released in early access on October 4 and will be free to play, Blizzard has revealed

Gory survival horror ‘Scorn’ locks in October release date with new footage

After a series of delays, 'Scorn' has finally set a specific launch date

‘Hollow Knight Silksong’ is confirmed as a day one Xbox Games Pass release

'Hollow Knight Silksong' will be a day one Xbox Games pass launch within the next 12 months, as announced at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase