The Sopranos

‘The Sopranos’ actress joined OnlyFans after anti-vaxxer comments cost her work

"The way we see it in this house is mommy’s a warrior, not accepting defeat"

Michael Imperioli reveals most “difficult” ‘Sopranos’ scenes to shoot

“You have to go to some nasty places to get there”

‘The Sopranos’ actor Robert Iler says Tony Sirico protected him on set

“I was 13 years old and I was like, ‘Oh, this kid thinks he’s gonna mouth off to me? I’ll have Tony Sirico come down’”

‘The Sopranos’ star Tony Sirico demanded a specific dialogue change, reveals creator David Chase

"He was the only one who ever asked me to have a line changed. And I did it"

‘Sopranos’ actor Tony Sirico dies aged 79

"Tony Sirico was a tremendous, one-of-a-kind talent"

“One of a kind” James Gandolfini gave ‘Sopranos’ cast bonus out of his own salary

"He had gotten a big raise and just divided it among the cast. He was one of a kind"