Truck Festival

Friendly Fires frontman Ed Macfarlane

When: 20-22 June

Where: Hill Farm, Oxfordshire

Who’s headlining: Friendly Fires, George Ezra, The Courteeners

Who else is playing: Editors, De La Soul, Jake Bugg, Drenge, Rat Boy, The Magic Gang

Tickets: £110, weekend ticket

It’s called Truck because the main stage is made of three flatbed trucks, right? Wrong! It’s named after the soundtrack from the movie Convoy, called ‘Ten Trucking Greats’ that original founder Robin Bennett picked up once.

The stage is made of trucks, though? Lucky coincidence.

Truck is the “Godfather of the small festival scene”, it says here… It prides itself on its limited stature. Like a miniature Glastonbury that you don’t need GPS to get around, it’s set on a working farm of around 5000 maximum capacity, the punk and metal stage is a cow shed awash with the heady scent of manure and the local vicar sells ice cream.

It’s a family affair then? Assuming your family has the sort of connections to get George Ezra to come and play in the back of your Volvo. But if you mean ‘will someone with painted-on whiskers teach my 6-year-old how to juggle sticks?’, yes they will.