Elon Musk reveals he sleeps next to a revolver and loads of Diet Coke

Musk also apologised for his lack of coasters

Elon Musk claims hate speech has declined on Twitter since he took over

It had previously been reported that Twitter had seen spikes in the use of antisemitic, homophobic, racist and transphobic language

Elon Musk’s Twitter fails to delete racist tweets aimed at World Cup players

Most of Twitter's content moderation staff were made redundant when Elon Musk took over Twitter

Twitter pauses paid verification until “significant impersonations” stop

Elon Musk also said the platform may use a different colour check mark to indicate organisations over individuals

Jack White hits out at Elon Musk for reactivating Donald Trump’s Twitter: “That is officially an asshole move”

White is among hundreds of celebrities to hit out at Musk for the problematic decisions he’s made since taking over Twitter

Elon Musk tells Twitter staff to “work long hours at high intensity” or leave

The new Twitter boss set out his demands in an email leaked to various publications

Jimmy Fallon asks Elon Musk to “fix” trending hashtag #RIPJimmyFallon

The phrase began trending on Tuesday, despite the chat show host being alive and well

Comedy band SpitLip takedown Elon Musk with pop-punk song ‘Fuck The Sun’

"Whilst Musk fiddles as Twitter burns, thought we'd share something we made about him a while back"