Unfinished Business

‘No Plan B’ is a cops ‘n’ robbers take on ‘Frozen Synapse’

Plan and execute tactical manoeuvres in GFX47's door-kicking dioramas

‘Ready Or Not’ is a well-made tactical FPS that I feel uncomfortable playing

Void Interactive's spiritual successor to SWAT 4 is tactically engaging but thematically regressive

‘Raft’ is a quietly brilliant survival game

Except for when you're eaten by a shark

‘Icarus’ is a survival game determined to be as tedious as possible

A game where you play as a space caveman should not be this dull

‘Giants Uprising’ let me realise my lifelong dream of being a tall boy

This frantic action game is great for smashing houses, stamping on armies, and making short people feel better about themselves

‘New York Rat Simulator’ somehow misses out on the joys of being a rat

New York Rat Simulator attempts to mimic Goat Simulator's irreverence, scuppering its potential in the process.